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Another week, another desperation game to win. Ho hum. Apparently no one thinks this game will be easy. I don't believe the Packers players or coaches are going to take this game lighly either. It seems that everyone understands the stakes: lose and effectively, the season is over. Meanwhile, a s gentle reminder for those who constantly rip on the defense during games. If the offense is consistently going three and out, they are going to be getting tired, worn down and discouraged. Add in familiar, stale defensive schemes, and suddenly the players look like they're incompetent. Plus, someone, somewhere needs to stop those WR/RB screens that consistently turn third and long into big gains. Then, the big decision has to be made. Activate AR from IR in caseof a win? Let him heal in case of a loss? Or activate him anyway, because that is what he'd want? Stay tuned!

Time is upon us.....

Go Pack!  Rise up and git er done!

Aaron Nagler:

"The Browns will win this week" New Browns GM John Dorsey two days ago, no doubt in support of the many Packers fans who have Tweeted me the same thing.

The weather today in Cleveland looks snowy, breezy and cold - perfect weather to run in.  We run it pretty well and stop it better than the pass so maybe we can find a way to win today? 


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