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Games in Nov and Dec may be flexed. 1pm games are a crap shoot if you don't live in Wisconsin. If the game gets flexed to 4pm or SNF, then you'll almost certainly get it no antenna TV.

Below are instructions for streaming the games. I've never missed a game like this. I no longer pay for NFL Sunday Ticket or cable or DirecTv or any of that crap. I've got an antenna and a decent internet connection.

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Live outside of Wisconsin? Don't wanna pay for $$$$ DirecTv and Sunday Ticket? Don't wanna pay for Game Pass and watch the games a day late? Don't want anything at all to do with the traitors and reprobates who run ESPN?

Here's how to get the game on the internet.

First, the Packers are quite popular right now so you'll be able to get roughly half the games on network TV, you just need a good antenna. Buy a decent antenna. I recommend . Also see: . This will show you hot to aim your antenna.

I'd like feedback on the following streaming instructions. I consider them pretty bare bones. If you struggle to follow them, post a response with what you see and where you're stuck.

For the games not on network TV, you need a computer, Chrome, ChromeCast, and a decent internet connection. You can do this with your phone but it won't be very satisfactory. The issue is that your phone has to take in the entire broadcast and send it back out - double the bandwidth of just watching. Most phones can't handle this.

You can buy a chrome cast at Walmart for $35. Or ebay, amazon, or direct from google,

Install the chromecast on your TV. Plug the chromecast into an HDMI port. The chromecast needs power; you can likely plug the USB connection into a USB port on your TV. Or use the supplied wall wart.

Stream the game on your computer. Currently I like , subject to change without notice. Here's a list of streamers:

To stream the game on your laptop, go to about half an hour or less before the game, and click on a link. That will open up a new tab in your browser. Close the new tab, don't even look at it. You may have to do this two or three times, but eventually you'll get the game. There will likely be a box on top of the game. Click on the "X" in the upper right corner of the box. Not the one in the upper-left corner. The first couple of times you do this it will seem mysterious and difficult, but after a couple of times it's easy.

Turn your TV on and set the source to your chromecast. You'll get a pretty scene, courtesy of google.

Now near the upper-right corner of the Chrome screen there are three dots, vertical. Click on those. About 60% down the menu is "Cast..." Click on that. Select your chrome cast. Your TV screen should now more or less duplicate your computer screen.

Now on the computer, go to the lower right of the game video and click on the full screen icon. The game should now fill your TV screen.

That's it.

I've been watching the preseason games like this. I like it. It's just slightly worse quality than Sunday Ticket - every now and then there's a bit of interference - but on the plus side, no commercials. No trucks, no beer, no little blue pills. That more than makes up for the 20 seconds total per game of interference, imho. By the way, cut back on the beer and you probably won't need the little blue pills. I'm just sayin'.

Walmart stocks the chromecast, you can have this set up tonight and try it out on a youtube video. Then you can watch the @Rams game on Sunday.

Oh, close the curtains or the FBI may bust you for stealing NFL feeds.

This works in RVs. You just need a good internet connection.

Chromecast works by your computer picks up the signal, then copies the packets to your chrome cast device over your local (router) network. That means your computer is using double the full video bandwidth. Your phone doesn't quite have double video bandwidth so there will be glitches and reduced quality. Also your phone screen will stay on for 3.5 hours, so it will have to be fully charged before the game and also plugged in. And you still may run out of power. Basically, don't use your phone to cast a game.

Thanks for this Mark.

One of the best streams ever.

Nice hook up Mark. Luckily for me, I'm finally living back in Wisconsin. I wont need anything for the San Fran game, I'll be there !


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