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I have movie pass and more than a little time on my hands, so I see most everything. It's odd to realize that seeing the movie in a theater is cheaper than renting it six months later. But the local theater people like me just fine.

Death Wish

Bruce Willis is out for revenge for his wife and daughter, and becomes a vigilante. The city, Chicago, mostly approves of his work. An excellent shoot-em-up.

I went to see Annihilation.

As the movie ended, a guy in the front row stood up and said, "And we paid money to see this!" A guy next to me said "Worst movie I've ever seen." I replied, "That's a bold statement." His friend said, "Yah, what about American Psycho 2?" He then said, "Ok, it's the second worst movie I've ever seen."

I didn't hate it, but I've not seen an audience reaction like this before.

Game Night.

Generally I'm not a big fan of comedies, but this one was fun. It started well, slowed a bit in the middle, and finished with several unexpected plot twists. I liked it.

Sort of irrelevant but kind of on topic and interesting fact of life, but last week on a local sports radio show one guy said he'd never seen Die Hard or Back To The Future. I could feel the awkward look of disbelief over the radio waves from his co-host.

By the way, I enjoy off topic stuff like this. thumbsup)

Hurricane Heist

Yet another shoot-em-up, not very plausible. A hurricane is heading in. Some bad guys determine this is the perfect cover to steal $600m from the Federal Reserve. The hurricane turns out to be like the worst ever, 'cause global warming change climate sea levels. No one is properly prepared, so the hurricane turns into a major plot element. Until they're done with it, then it's suddenly turned off like a light switch, blue skies, happy birdies. The best character in the movie is the hurricane chaser's humvee. $400m in 20 dollar bills gets scattered by the wind over several square miles of farm land, no one seems to notice this but definitely there will be some very happy farmers in the next few days, and John Deere is going to sell a lot of stuff next year. Feel free to see this one from Redbox for $1.50, or skip it entirely.


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