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Re: Mark's Movie Reviews
« Reply #165 on: September 10, 2019, 01:40:30 PM »
THE HAPPYTIME MURDERS (review from Rotten Tomatoes)

They may look like the puppets your kids see on Sesame Street, made of colorful felt with sweet faces and kind, googly eyes. But be warned: The characters in The Happytime Murders aren't here to teach your kids their ABCs and 1-2-3s. They're too busy having s*x, drinking in hot tubs and starring in p*rn videos. And they're brought to you by the letter F, over and over again. That's the gimmick in this extremely hard-R comedy: Seemingly wholesome characters take part in unspeakably unwholesome activities. It's a vaguely amusing idea and not much more. The Happytime Murders is a one-joke movie, and that joke gets beaten into the ground (as do several characters, people and puppet alike). Among the human actors in this raunchy film-noir send-up are Melissa McCarthy, Maya Rudolph, and Elizabeth Banks, all of whom are game for anything.

Hmmm, disappointing, was looking forward to this one. I liked the previews. Guess I’ll wait for cable on this one.

Finally watched this one on cable with the wife. Made it about 1/2 way through, a few chuckles but mostly stupid. Had a lot of potential but mostly a waste of time.
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Re: Mark's Movie Reviews
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Just saw "Crawl". Some on line reviewers had said it was a "good summer popcorn movie". Nope. Moron father in Florida decides it's a good idea to fix up his old family house which is in the path of a Category 5 hurricane. On a lake. Full of alligators. People have seen this storm coming for days, evacuation has been ordered, but moron father decides "Nope, this is a good time to do some repairs." So moron daughter decides to drive into the worst of the hurricane because she wants to check up on dad, who's not answering his phone. Then she gets an even better idea: stop by dad's apartment and bring the family dog! Then ignore emergency workers who are preventing people from going into the area. Yup. Morons. SPOILER: The dog is the only one of the three who comes out unscathed, though it does get wet. "Crawl" was crap.
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