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I thought I would start a thread for single pieces of information that people may want to share. Not everything is worthy of a new thread, but yet could be something many would fiind interesting. The first tidbit to get this kicked off is from Gil Brandt on MMQB today.

• Biggest surprise in the top 10: “[Notre Dame] tackle Mike McGlinchey. He’ll go in the top 10.”

Brandt, in following him through the year, doesn't say something like that unless a front office contact has dropped that info on him. He is usually good for 2-3 good totes before every draft.   

This is funny, just when I give Gil some props.

Gil Brandt

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@SI_PeterKing I'm getting killed on Twitter. I didn't realize you were asking me a prediction for the top 10. I thought you asked what would surprise me most in top 10. I would be shocked if McGlinchey went in top 10. I wouldn't be shocked if he slid out of Round 1.

@SEMOfootball LB Kendall Donnerson (6-3, 249) worked out in front of 5 teams, ran 40 in 4.43 seconds, had 40 VJ, 10-11 BJ, 4.37 ss, 7.06 3cn, 20 lifts. With numbers like those, he has chance to get drafted.

The Packers were one of the 5 teams at Southeast Missouri for his workout.

A good link for anyone wanting to deepdive into some 3rd day of the draft guys.


Tony Pauline
 Nico Falah/OL/USC, who spent time with the Packers during pro day as we initially reported, is in Green Bay today for an official 30 visit. We presently grade Falah as a 6th/7th rnd prospect

I know Pauline has him rated as a 6th/7th round prospect, but this is a UDFA recruitment visit for the Packers. A player that they like his tape, but has a limited skillset and average to poor workout numbers. Good camp OLineman for the 90 man roster.


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