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Colts draft surprise

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--- Quote from: Hands on April 26, 2018, 01:07:22 PM ---Getting back to the Colt's big surprise....I have wondered the exact same thing. Luck isn't even throwing yet and Brissett is good....but not another top ten QB. They are in great position to grab a QB and nobody is even considering them for that position. I would love it since it would push the top players further down to Green Bay's slot.

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I can understand how that would add to the drama, but why would they have traded out of the 3rd spot then. Those types of decisions are not made on a whim.

They did not.  They took the best OL in the draft.

Which seems to indicate they think Luck in returning.

I don't know how I would feel if I were a Colts fan right now regarding the Luck situation. Trust management I guess, but that injury or condition he has been rehabbing would make me someone skeptical he'll ever be the Luck of old, but hope he gets back to 100 percent. Regardless, Nelson was the best player available AND it fit a big need on the offensive line. Or, maybe they just didn't like the QBs available this year other than Mayfield and Darnold, or they are OK with Brissett.

They can't move on from Luck quite yet, regrdless of that shoulder.

Cutting him now would mean them taking a $34.2M cap hit this year.


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