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Author Topic: My mock with tactical and strategic picks.  (Read 653 times)

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My mock with tactical and strategic picks.
« on: April 26, 2018, 10:52:02 AM »
 So, here’s my mock draft with trades.  Here’s my thoughts going in.  With news out today Cleveland Wants Mayfield, my favorite pick may be available with moving up only 4-5  picks. The positive for next year is we will have Adams and Biegel for a full season which will help a lot.  The Fa’s we signed will help tremendously.  Getting rid of Burnett will improve the DB situation.    His Performance and injury history was a deterrence.  Nick Perry is still on the team and I’m quite surprised given his performance and injury history over the last three years.  I think the Packers tend to hold onto marginal players longer than they need or want.

Some food for thought, given Rogers injury last year (plate, 13 bolts), I think a back-up or Rogers replacement in this draft is an option. 
I do not want to see Billie Bob Joe Callahan or Hundley on this roster come August.  We need talent at this position.  If Rosen drops and Roqaun Smith is gone, I’m drafting Rogers replacement - Rosen, that is if the Packers are interested in moving up.  Rogers is one hit away from retirenment and I don't want to go through another season like the last one.

Let’s talk LB’s.  I think we need two as our depth and speed at this position is a high need.  Martinez played real well.  As I mentioned Biegel should help.  Mathews is getting older and his play is slipping.  Kid from Alabama is very good and quick!

TE – This team has not replaced Jermicheal Finley. After our FA signing, we need some depth and talent.  Kendrick has shown he is not capable of shining while playing with a hall of fame qb.

WR- Cobb will likely be gone next year, so you might as well draft a replacement in the 4th or 5th rd.  Allison appears to move up for Nelson, I am intrigued with Clark.  Montgomery can convert to WR. 

RB – Simple Draft Adams from ND in the 5th rd.

OL – Our injuries killed us and our QB last year.  Spriggs is adequate, but we need two more talented players at this position.  What happens if we lose Bahktari for the season?

RD 1 – I’m moving up to draft Roqaun Smith.  Trading 4th comp, 5th comp and 2019 3rd rd to move up 5 slots.
Rd 2 –  Donte Jackson, CB LSU
Rd  3 – Robert Andrews TE Trade up, rd. 6b comp pick
Rd  4a – Corbett C,G, T Nevada
Rd 4b  - Traded
Rd 5a – Ian Thomas, TE Indiana
Rd 5b – Josh Adams ND, RB
Rd 5c – Traded
Rd 6a –  Quisenberry, C UCLA
Rd 6b – Traded in Rd. 3
Rd 7a –Davontae Harris, CB Illinois State
 Rd 7b - Kurt Benkert, QB Virginia

FA’s  Brett Toth Army OL, Tegray Scales LB Indiana, Nick Nelson, CB Wisconsin