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Author Topic: How many of the eleven draftees will make it to the 53?  (Read 2178 times)

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Re: How many of the eleven draftees will make it to the 53?
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...Last year people spent much of the summer debating how to hang on to all the depth at WR and in the end the Packers cut all of them. The Packers lost no one they wanted to keep last year and they will lose no one they want to keep this year.

Agree.  If the Packers love somebody, they can find a spot on the 53.  Anybody who's #54 isn't loved all that much.  There is plenty of discretionary space at the back of the 53. 

...Right now everyone has oversold themselves on the draft choices and their measurables, but the reality is that MVS and ESB are a 50/50 chance at best to make the Packers roster this year and a much lower chance that they make another teams roster this year.

Agree that MVS and ESB are probably both likely to clear and make PS assuming the Packers cut either one.  If one gets cut and doesn't end up on PS, it's probably more likely that the Packers didn't ask them to stay than that they get claimed. 

That said, it's much less common for Packers to cut a 5th than to keep them. 

I'm not advocating for MVS.  I know nothing, so my thoughts are meaningless.  but he was my least favorite pick.  Not a fan of old, 5th year red-shirt.  Do talented, high-aptitude NFL talents need to drop down to lower conference to get PT, and need 5 college years to become productive, and still be unrefined? 

But, my thoughts notwithstanding, the Packers tend to keep 5th rounders.

Granted, MVS was really, really late 5th.  (A post-5th comp pick could as easily be viewed as 6th as 5th.)  And perhaps with Clark, Yancey, and 6th-round EDS competing, perhaps MVS has more competition, much more, than the average 5th-round pick.