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I must admit I've personally been deeply offended by the players protesting during the national anthem. Now there's a new rule, all players must stand or the team gets penalized. I don't like this either.

I don't believe players have the right to express political views while at work if their bosses say no. For me this was never a first amendment issue, it was always a workplace issue. However, I have never had a job where the workday was started with playing the national anthem, and I never had a job where I was required to publicly stand for the national anthem. While I do stand in public, it's all different for me if suddenly i'm told i'm required as condition of employment.

If I were a team owner I would ask the players if they prefer to stay in the locker room for the anthem. I would have no tolerance for protesters, but neither would I feel good about enforcing this rule.

As a retired teacher in Texas, I was expected to stand and recite the Pledge of Allegiance, and the Texas Pledge of Allegiance every day during class. It was also expected that every student stand and do the same. It was like pulling teeth from an enraged lion to get some of the students to comply. They'd stand reluctantly, sometimes leaning on their desks while the pledges were recited over the intercom, then slump into their desks immediately afterward. Forced displays of "patriotism" are nonsense. And as I've said before, if we're going to force the players to participate in this forced exercise in "patriotism", lets eject any spectator who isn't standing with hand over heart, dutifully mouthing those words. Shut down all concessions and lock up the restrooms and block the exits to prevent anyone from leaving until they've proven their worthiness to remain in the stadium by saying the pledge.

The NFL just made a bad situation worse. So, unless the entire team stays in the locker room, which would seem to be the best solution, lets castigate and boo those players who choose to do so.

The GM:
I like the ruling.   I dont think the anthem should be used as a platform to promote a player's particular agenda whatever it may be (good or bad).   You can stay in the lockerroom and protest all you want.  Good for the NFL for at least trying to end the nonsense.  I'm sure it will still go on in some form, but IMO it has no place during the anthem.   

I agree with Mark.

I should also add, Colin K is finding out some interesting info during discovery for his lawsuit.

Plus, who the heck would not want Eric Reid in their secondary?

Players shouldn't protest what they see (correctly, I believe) an increased sense of fear and intimidation by the police in the black community. OK. Then exactly why is it that there have to be over displays of "patriotism", meaning military flyovers, military color guards, and huge flags (the bigger the more patriotic?) at games. Just because you're on a football team doesn't mean you've signed away your rights as a citizen. The protests were aimed at excessive police violence against the black community. Not the flag, not the military, not the anthem.


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