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Five reasons why Packers can reach Super Bowl LIII

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Fluff piece, but somewhat entertaining and we're in the middle of the news blackout.

Yes a nice fluff piece.  Don't mind Packers fluff.  If the Packers stay healthy this year they can compete.  Think the team to beat in the NFC will be the LA Rams.  How great would it be for the Packers to bring home the Lombardi in their 100th year.  Pretty awesome if they could pull it off.  Pack has a shot but I say that every year.  After last season's disaster going in with tempered expectations.

As bad as last year was, they needed some "new blood" in the organization and I think they made some necessary changes.

They can compete for a Super Bowl title if #12 is healthy and back to what he was before the collarbone injury.  He didn't look like the same guy vs. Carolina but it hopefully was due to rust and not truly being 100%.  If nothing else, I think the secondary has a chance to be vastly improved by season's end. They were just awful there the past 2 years and I think fixing that will go a long ways towards getting back to being a legit contender.

I could see 2019 maybe even better than 2018 for the Pack but you never know how things will go, so we'll just enjoy 2018 and see what comes of it.

Fluff yes but all true.

Rodgers stays healthy, the defense is top five to top ten in points allowed per game, and absolutely the Packers are going to be strong contenders. At the same time, they need to start strong, get home field advantage, and let the chips fall where they may.


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