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Author Topic: The Physics and Arithmetic of Reincarnation  (Read 766 times)

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The Physics and Arithmetic of Reincarnation
« on: September 27, 2018, 02:13:56 PM »
The Physics and Arithmetic of Reincarnation
by Mark Lawrence

Let's consider the population of the Earth and the arithmetic of reincarnation. It's widely thought that a soul which has had 5000 incarnations is a very old soul in terms of Earth experience and has little need to return to Earth for further experiences. Some souls are here on Earth for their very first life as a human. And most souls are somewhere between those two extremes.

In the table below we see the human population of the Earth dating back to 10,000 BC. Should we go further back? I have chosen not to for two reasons: the human population before 10,000 BC was not a large number and has little impact on these calculations; and we must ask where the dividing line is between human and human shaped animal. Julian James, in his book The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind, argues somewhat persuasively that before about 3,000 BC people did not have what we would consider consciousness. Further back than 10,000 BC language, art and tool use were at a level of development that was intermediate between chimpanzees and modern humans. People alive in those times were arguably not having what we today would recognize as a human experience. In any case there were not so many of those people so their numbers don't have a meaningful impact on these calculations.

From the population numbers we can calculate the total life-years that people have experienced - it's just the population times the number of years. We divide by the life span to find out how many lives were lived in this period. Many people born after 1950 are still alive, so from 1950 to 2005 we average the life expectancy and the median age; after 2005 we use the median age. The final column is the cumulative lives lived up to that date.


One of the first things we see is that there have been just under 50 billion human lives lived on the Earth. We are sometimes told that half of everyone who ever lived is alive today, but this is apparently wrong: about half of everyone lived before 1500, and about half of everyone lived since 1500.

If we presume the average soul on Earth has lived 1000 lives so far, which is perhaps a generous estimate, then there are about 48 million souls who are sharing the Earth. Notice that this number is less than the Earth's population at any time after 1000BC. This is a problem in our math which we must consider. Perhaps 1000 lives on average is far too generous. If we presume every soul alive today, roughly 7.5 billion, is unique, then apparently the average soul on Earth has had about six incarnations. This number also seems unlikely, as it's very small and seems to indicate the average soul is extremely young and inexperienced. We must consider the possibility that an individual soul may be incarnate on the Earth in more than one body at a given time.

If Earth lives are lived sequentially in Earth time, a soul which has had 1000 incarnations with an average life expectancy of 30 years has been around Earth for at least 30,000 years, which is far longer than anything resembling modern humans have been around. An "old soul" which has had 5,000 incarnations at an average of 30 years has been around Earth for at least 150,000 years, which is arguably longer than homo sapiens has been around. And this presumes there is no time between the death of one body and the birth of the next. If there are significant gaps the arithmetic quickly gets impossible. We must conclude that either many incarnations are not on Earth, or the presumption that lives are lived sequentially is incorrect.

Below we see what's called a space-time diagram of an individual human life. On the left side we see an individual who is born, moves around for some time, then dies. Viewed from this vantage point the human does not look like a human so much as they look like a wiggly pink tube. On the right we see the same person, but this time in the diagram we include their mother in orange - their mother gets born at some other place and some earlier time, the person splits off from their mother, then each continues to live their own life.

In the image below we add a different space-time diagram which shows the soul in green. I'm unclear on how or even if souls are created or die, so this diagram should be considered to show only a portion of the soul's existence. The soul moves around for a time in soul space, which is completely different and separate from the space- time in which we currently live. Neither the space nor the time dimensions are shared, and cannot be compared in any way. "Soul Space" is a completely different universe with its own space and time and rules and laws.  At some point the soul makes the decision to have an incarnation on Earth; this is shown by the blue lines, which indicate the soul traveling through some sort of worm-hole to get from soul space to physical space. Once here, the soul inhabits a body for a time; when the body dies the soul returns "to the light;" that is the soul travels through some sort of worm hole back to the soul space.

It's very popular to say that the natural space of souls is timeless. This is completely inconsistent with all other popular beliefs about souls:
  • Souls are said to vibrate, with more experienced souls vibrating at a higher rate. Vibrations happen only in time.
  • Souls are said to gain experience and thereby vibrate at a higher rate. Change happens only in time. Without time, we are left with the changeless and eternal.*
  • Souls are said to vibrate. Vibrations have energy, and the fundamental laws of General Relativity assures us that if there is energy, then that energy will create space-time.
  • There are many souls. If there is no space, then we are left with the undivided and the infinite, for division happens only in space.

Without space and time there can be only one soul, infinite, undivided, eternal, changeless. This is not even a worthwhile description of God, for if God is infinite, undivided, eternal and changeless then He cannot have created a universe which is divided from him and changing. The fundamental laws of physics assure us that change happens only in time, changing things have energy, and energy creates time. There is some form of time and space which is the native habitat of souls.

Now we consider another space-time diagram showing several different people. We see that in the context of this diagram there is nothing that stops the soul from incarnating in several different bodies "at the same time." The different incarnations are at different times and different levels of experience in soul space, yet may overlap in any fashion in physical space. In fact there is nothing in the context of these space-time diagrams which precludes the soul interacting with itself in different incarnations. There may be "rules" which preclude this, but any rules which said lives must be lived sequentially in physical space would be artificial and imposed externally. In fact, two examples quickly come to mind of particular people in history who seemed to have memories which are most easily explained by thinking perhaps these people had previously lived in their own "future." Leonardo DaVinci drew diagrams of hydraulic mechanisms and helicopters which were far in advance of the possible engineering and materials of his time; and Tesla predicted the Internet in rather stunning detail, including the near-instantaneous sending of both messages and pictures over the air waves. We now understand that this is very difficult to do unless you also have invented digital computers, text and digital images - no such inventions were even contemplated in his time.

Now we can see a way in which perhaps only 50 million to 500 million souls are sharing the Earth, even though there are 7.5 billion people alive today: "you" are perhaps currently incarnate on the Earth in several dozen places. Many of these incarnations are a more experienced and more advanced version of your soul, and many are a less experienced and less advanced version. We also see that the admonition that when you injure another you injure yourself may be exactly true: the karma for injuring another may sometimes be that at a later stage in soul development you come back to Earth as the injured party,
so the net result is you only injured yourself. By acting in accordance with the Golden Rule, the life you spare may well be your own.

* In the absence of time we are left with the changeless, since change can take place only in time. And since smallness and dividedness can exist only in space, in the absence of space we are left with the infinite, the undivided. -- John Dobson
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