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I don't want to Moderate this board. I don't even like reading the game day thread as there's a couple guys who routinely show up just to trash talk the Packers, what with this being their personal safe space.

So, you all start using the karma ratings. If you find their post offensive smite them. If someone goes seriously negative I'll throw them out. We'll try having collective moderating.

BTW, I've always been clear that this board is to be pg-13. F-bombs are not welcome here. That rule hasn't changed.

Whiskey Sam:
How does karma work? I see the numbers under people's names but not how it's given.

Immediately under karma is applaud and smite. Touch one.

Whiskey Sam:

--- Quote from: marklawrence on November 04, 2018, 08:54:12 PM ---Immediately under karma is applaud and smite. Touch one.

--- End quote ---

Not on mine. No buttons at all. Is it a browser thing? I'm using Chrome.

I'm not seeing how to actually "karma" rate someone. I know people negatively marked me because they dotn agree with me. So I'd like negatively mark those who actually name-call.


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