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Author Topic: Mark Davis' Mea Culpa  (Read 415 times)

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Mark Davis' Mea Culpa
« on: November 12, 2018, 01:00:57 PM »

This interview shows just how bad an owner Davis is, and how dysfunctional the Raiders have been for a long time.

Let us not forget, the Raiders made the playoffs the year before last.  They had a 12-4 record.  They had seven guys who went to the Pro Bowl and three were all pros.  The next year, they were racked by injuries.

Del Rio took the fall and Davis wanted a big name for the coach.  So now they have to rebuild and this guy now says the McKenzie did not to a good job in HIS rebuild!

What the heck is wrong with 12-4, and Mack and Cooper?  I mean Cooper is doing pretty well with the Cowboys.

What is happening with the poor Raiders franchise and their fans is an object lesson in the abuses of money and power in sports.

Let us not forget, Gruden was fired by the Bucs after a rather lackluster last few years.  In fact, his overall record is a Jeff Fisher like 96-88.

Now he has to hit on these draft picks in order to be competitive.  My question:  Will he come up with just two players as good as Mack and Cooper?
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