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Author Topic: Claim Kareem Hunt?  (Read 1278 times)

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Re: Claim Kareem Hunt?
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I'd investigate his background fully and if he's a decent guy I'd go ahead and put in the claim. 

Vague reports of trouble in high school, which is why no division I school took him.
Reports of a bar fight earlier this year, after the woman thing.
Interrogated by the Chiefs, lied about what happened.
Sits for the anthem.
On the commissioner's S.L., Extremely unlikely he plays again this year. Major questions if he plays at all next year. Best case he sits for about the first 4 games or so next year. Worst case he sits for the entire year and no decision is made until 2020.

It's really not at all clear he's a "decent guy." It's really not at all clear he's learned his lesson.

I live in KC, people here are just sick about this: 50 years of waiting for a legitimate SB chance, and now this to a key player. One must question if he would do this to our team too - get in trouble and lie about it. In the middle of a SB run.

I think I understand why it's said no GM will claim him. I think, like a nice pork butt roast, he has to simmer for a lot longer before he's ready.

Well that isn't my definition of a good dude.  No wonder no one claimed him.  Still think the video was overblown but given his history it's at least a bit more understandable.