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Re: Mark's Movie Reviews
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The Cloverfield Paradox

There's a particle accelerator in space, to do an experiment. The experiment is necessary 'cause earth's population is out of control and if we don't find a new source of energy everyone will die. Frankly, far before we run out of energy we're going to run out of fertilizer and fresh water and insects, but whatever. Of course, as usual, there's a bunch of people worried about the accelerator will make something so high energy that it will rip the universe in half. Every time we build a new accelerator this comes up. Here's the thing: black holes and colliding neutron stars spew out particles with more energy than you can imagine, and these are hitting the earth constantly - cosmic rays. We've been hit by individual particles that have the energy of a school bus, sometimes billions of times more energy than we can make on earth. So it these things ripped the universe up, it would already be ripped up.

Well, in this move things go wrong, a rip happens, and our heroes find themselves in a parallel universe where things are similar but different. Things get seriously weird. They "lose" the earth, but then they find it on the other side of the sun, which their escape pods can bring them there - never mind that it would be about the same to go to mars and slightly cheaper to go to venus, their little pod is the little pod that could.

The science is awful, the acting poor, the horror parts unconvincing. And there's a twist at the end that comes out of absolutely no where and doesn't fit in the movie at all.

Cloverfield II was pretty good, Colverfield III is just cheap netflix dreck.

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