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Author Topic: Packers draft strategy  (Read 1490 times)

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Re: Packers draft strategy
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Re: Packers draft strategy
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Maybe I'm all wrong here. What if the Packers drafted a offensive tackle at 12 and then moved up from our second pick in the 1st rd to draft Cody Ford, offensive guard?  How's that for a shock?  I've been thinking defense all along with the first three picks.  I really like the Big ten OL (Jordan, McGovern), maybe the brass feels like defense will come in rds 2-5.

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Re: Packers draft strategy
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It appears that the grades of players at the lower part of 1st round aren't a lot different then the first two thirds of the second round. Wouldn't be shocked if Gutsy trades that #30 pick and grabs some additional picks in the 2nd and 3rd rounds. I also think maybe OT at 12 and another offensive weapon with their 2nd pick wherever/whenever it is, like a TE/RB/WR.
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