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Author Topic: Drafting two BPA TEs a total fantasy?  (Read 269 times)

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Drafting two BPA TEs a total fantasy?
« on: March 29, 2019, 11:40:57 AM »
As I run mocks off of First Pick and Fanspeak I've come upon the scenario of GB already having drafted Hock in round one and at 2-12 there is Fant still on the board.

It has been pointed out that the new staff will like the 2 TE sets. How realistic is it (with Hock already drafted by GB) to take Fant  who could be the BPA at 2-12 should he fall ?

Could Fant also fulfill the slot need at times ?

I don't think we have anyone locked in at TE for 2020 at this point so would that increase the likelihood of this happening (tiny chance as it might be ).

I have also found in R5/6 there has been some of the sleeper picks  at TE available though not always BPA.

Adams, Hock, Fant, MVS/ESB could be a dream for Rodgers to throw to and could be your best running set.

I also think both Hock and Fant are ready to play their rookie year right away. unlike some most of the other TE prospects.

I feel no pick would be needed to be spent on a WR, either for the slot or roster depth so that pick (3rd/4th round) could be spent on depth in other areas.

Biggest downside would be Graham (and his salary) sitting much of the season.

IF given a choice and with Black and gold glasses on I would rather have Fant and Hock rather than either and anyother WR we might be looking at.

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Re: Drafting two BPA TEs a total fantasy?
« Reply #1 on: March 29, 2019, 12:00:14 PM »
Two TEs is fine (imo).

I just wouldn't pick both early. If you got one of Fant/Hockenson/Smith, then the second one could be a J.Sternberger or K.Warring or J.Oliver, in other words a later pick. If the Packers had few holes, I could be more on board with two TEs early, but I think they could look at Edge, DL, OT, FS, TE with early picks - that suggests to me that (at most) only one early pick is at TE. J.Graham + M.Lewis + 1 x early draft pick should be able to manage for a year, especially alongside Tonyan and another developmental TE. It might necessitate losing Tonyan or Lewis at some point, or rolling the dice by putting a developmental TE on the PS, but it could be done.
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