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Dual Mocks
« on: April 10, 2019, 07:22:02 PM »
I used Bleacher Reports big board with Fanspeak and I used draft net...here are the results

Fanspeak                                            Draftnet
Sweat, edge                                       Burns, edge        provide a need and compliment to the new free agents...

Hockenson, te                                     Fant, te             position of need

Adderly, s                                           AJ Brown, wr     safety position of need, wr, #2 WR

Sanders, rb                                         Thompson, s     capable backup to injury prone rbs, safety a need

Isabell, wr                                          Singletary, rb    slot wr, backup rb

C. Smith, lb                                        Wise, idl            lb area of weakness, DL grooming for next year

B. Powers, g                                       Pratt, lb             interior line a weakness, as is lb

Burr-Kirvin, lb                                     Prince, ot          depth at a weak position, tackle to groom

Wren, dl                                             C. Smith, lb       depth at Dl and lb

Hyatt, ot                                            Baker, iol           offensive tackle to groom, Baker a star before injury, could be a gem...

It is amazing how two drafts using different boards can produce different results at the top