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Author Topic: First four round are key to this year...  (Read 500 times)

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First four round are key to this year...
« on: April 24, 2019, 10:09:31 AM »
 Players who can contribute this year should be the mantra for this draft and those players will be found in the first four rounds.  With a slow day at the office, I did four mocks using fanspeak (difficult), classic, draftnet (predictive) and player ratings....Here are the four round results....

Difficult - E. Oliver Dl                            Classic - D. Bush Lb        (PRED) - D. Bush, Lb        (PR) - C. Ferrel, edge
              N. Fant Te                                          N. Adderly, S                   N. Fant, Te                  N. Adderly,S
              N. Adderly S                                       D. Samuel,Wr                  D. Risner, Ot                J. Sternberger, Te
              T. Mclaeren (sic), OSU Wr                    M. Sanders, Rb                T. Mclaren, Wr             M. Sanders, Rb
              M. Sanders Rb                                     F. Moreau, Te                 M. Sanders, Rb             B. Powers, G
              R. Percebacher (sic), G, Ala                  C. Edoga, Ot                   T. Hill, Dl                     M. Sharping, Ot

Utilizing the players above, my ideal draft would be Bush, lb, Fant, te, Adderly, S, Mclaren (sic), Wr, Sanders, rb and Sharping

Bush, Fant and Adderly can start, Mclaren can play special teams, returner, Sanders a back up for a position that will produce injuries to the starters and Sharping vying for rt. guard or #1 back-up at tackle....Thoughts?

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Re: First four round are key to this year...
« Reply #1 on: April 25, 2019, 02:17:24 AM »
 Packlaw. "Players who can contribute this year should be the mantra for this draft and those players will be found in the first four rounds."

I can't agree with this. Players should be drafted for their career, not expected to blow the doors off the league in their rookie year. I do like to see some good college production, especially from the top picks, but let me give an example of why you DON'T need instant production. Packers get OT Tytus Howard at #44. He has the talent to be a starting RT when Bulaga leaves (likely after his current contract expires at the end of 2019). He will have a year to gain strength and technique and be a talented backup while he improves. When Bulaga (probably) leaves, he can hopefully step right in. Same applies to drafting Jeffery Simmons at '#30, he may not be a great contributer in his rookie year as he is recovering from an ACL, but he could be an absolute steal in the longer term.

Just to be clear, I don't like the idea of guys like Rashan Gary who have tremendous physical gifts but little college production. Anyway, looking for rookie production is obviously a much lower priority for me, than it is for you, far below being 'the mantra'.

I have always been of the opinion that most rookies need time. Save the high expectations for players that are in their second or third year with the team. Rookies get something of a mulligan as they learn NFL level play, if they play well as rookies, that's a nice bonus, but don't count on it or you will be disappointed all too often. Look at Kenny Clark's career arc, to see what I mean, or Davante Adams, two of the best players on the team.

As for the first three rounds, here are some possibilities that I don't hate.
#12 Oliver, Ferrell, Burns, Wilkins, J.Taylor
#30 Simmons, Hockenson, Fant, Adderley, Sweat, Bush
#44 Hooker, Gardner-Johnson, T.Howard, J.Thornhill, D.Savage, N'K Harry, Oruwariye
#75 Sternberger, McCoy, Irv Smith, D.Thompson
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Re: First four round are key to this year...
« Reply #2 on: April 25, 2019, 04:21:04 AM »
The operative term is contribute.  The players I like fill a definite team need and if they are better than what the team has, they should play as Rookies.  If they help this year all the better and if they help obviously their career is established.  By playing they are learning and improving, so by next year they are better and the team need for which they were drafted is no longer a need.