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Author Topic: Mark Murphy suggests 17 game season  (Read 877 times)

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Re: Mark Murphy suggests 17 game season
« Reply #15 on: July 14, 2019, 06:49:38 PM »
They could have a rule that any particular player only plays 16 games. To make that work you expand the roster from 53 to 57. 60 for 18 games.  Suddenly development qb is a real job. And players get two bye weeks. Three if there's 18 games. I kinda like it. ...

Thanks, Mark, I actually think that's kind of a cool idea.  From a fan's perspective, I can imagine actually enjoying that, and perhaps from some D+D perspective, too. 

Expanding a roster would be fun and interesting, to me, as a fan. 
1.  As fans, don't we all love interesting prospects who are young and we have hopes that they may become good later?  Being able to keep an extra handful would actually be kind of interesting. 
2.  At present, D+D guys only play as a result of injury.  Or in exhibition games against 3rd-string guys with no scheme or anything.  To have some back-of-the-roster youngsters get some real action in real games would be fun just from a scouting and evaluation perspective.  I think we as fans would enjoy the chance; I think coach and GM would appreciate having some real film to analyze (a secondary guy can know our schemes, and pretty much know how to read and defend Allison and ESB; but then be totally unable to read different receivers from other teams....); and I think a prospect looking to make 2nd/3rd-year-leaps would benefit from having some tape and real-game experience as well. 
3.  Yes, it would be fun to have the backup QB get a couple of planned games. 
4.  I think being able to give player-flexible byes that are injury-related would be really helpful.  Having scheduled byes at present, often aren't really at the times when a guy actually needs an extra week or three.   

So I actually kinda like the concept of NOT being eligible to play every game. 

In the hypothetical, I'd imagine a good team would tend to reserve their byes, though.  If a playoff spot is clincked before last game, the regulars often sit that one out anyway.   

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Re: Mark Murphy suggests 17 game season
« Reply #16 on: July 17, 2019, 12:00:48 PM »
So much to consider beyond the salaries.

1) Enlarging 53 man roster and 46 man "game day actives"? I'd just go with everyone is active. Why not ? Maybe even add a player to the 53 (54 man squad)

2) Enlarging the size of Practice Squads.

3) Increasing the salary cap, in proportion, to account for the extra game(s) added to a season. May become an NFLPA requirement. More real games = more pay.

4) Increasing the number/definition of IR players that can be brought back during a regular season. Sounds good.

5) Remove two preseason games

6) Create an extra bye week (one in each half of the regular season)

My comments above are the ones in red.
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