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Initial grades
« on: September 01, 2019, 12:58:28 PM »
Schools started so lets grade the Packers at the start of the season.  Lets keep it simple.  A - very good, B - good, C - average, D - poor and F - awful...
The good news no Fs yet. 
Quarterback - A... Backup - C
Running Back - A...Back-up - B
Tight end - C...Back-up - C
Wide Receiver - A...Backups...B
Tackles A, Backups C
Guards B, Backups C
Kicker B
Punter B
With the exception of the tight ends, the offensive starters are good to very good...
Defensive Line - B
Outside linebackers - A
Inside linebackers - C
Corners - C
Safeties - B
Special teams (all aspects) - C
This is my observation before the first snap.  If the tight ends improve, the offense should be able to go toe to toe with all teams in the NFL...The defense has to improve at Corner and Inside linebacker to compete with the better teams in the NFL. Special teams will figure in 3 games as to a win or a loss.  Improvement is needed in punt returns and kick/ punt coverage.  Before the snap, the team is in the hunt for a playoff spot; but needs to improve on defense and special teams to compete for the division....

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Re: Initial grades
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2019, 01:55:50 PM »
I posted this elsewhere on Sept 26, but it fits here.

Question. How do you grade each unit on the offense and defense. I sat and thought about this (for all of, maybe, 10 minutes) and came up with the following grades. The grades reflect how i think about the team this season, partly by projection, partly by past production and partly on intuition (* not to be under-rated, see below). Ratings are from A+ to E- and neither of those two extremes are ever likely to be given to any position group..........none of this "I'm annoyed with that group so I'll mark them as E-". There is no 'F' grade as it messes with the accepted average grade, which is a 'C'. With a C grade as dead average, you can be up to 7 grades above C (A+) and below C (E-).

QB  A-  This is at least 95% Rodgers, since backup QBs only play when the starter is injured (apart from kneel downs).
WR B-   Rated two steps above the norm, this rating relies more heavily on projection and intuition than most groups.
TE   C    Includes 2 x TEs who in their prime were above average, but not these days. I'm not counting on Sternberger for much of anything this year is another matter.
RB/FB  C+ A pretty average group lifted one notch to C+ by Jones.
OL   B+  It's easy to underestimate the quality of this line, I think it is flat out good for this year. Next year, if Bulaga is gone, I'll have to re-evaluate.

Overall offensive grade averages out as 2.4 grades above mean for each position. I'm happy with that.

DL  B-  There is potential in Keke and Adams, and Lowry & Lancaster should rotate in just fine, but this is mostly about Clark. Maybe I'm one grade too high here, I thought about C+.
Edge  C+  It's easy to get carried away by what Z.Smith has shown and the potential of Gary, but this is where I think they are for now.
ILB  D+  Martinez lifts the grade, lots of unproven behind him, and some (hopefully short-term) injuries.
CB  B   So much draft capital has been spent here (and numerous players have departed), but I feel good about the top six corners, and that rates a high grade.
S     C-  Amos helps solidify a bad unit, so does drafting Savage. This unit still needs some more work. I was tempted to give it a D+.

Overall defensive grade is 0.4 grades above the mean. Not as high as I'd like. Address Safety and ILB again in 2020 and it should look better. Another good DL as well, and it should be good. CB just might rate a B+ instead of B.

* Why should intuition be a factor ? Answer, because it the distillation of a million little things gathered by following this team on a day-by-day basis. Sometimes it's hard to express this stuff well, but I believe it should count.
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