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Author Topic: 2020 free agency / beyond GB FA's  (Read 238 times)

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2020 free agency / beyond GB FA's
« on: October 12, 2019, 09:34:00 AM »
What position(s) should Gute consider using FA to fill in gaps on this team going forward?

I think It's clear that TE will be a position that gets addressed, and I think it will be FA rather than draft (again).

Packers lack a Combo TE (can both block and receive) that is essential to MLF's offense being able to do all that he wants it to do.
My guess is that both Jimmy Graham and Marcedes Lewis will both be gone in 2020. That leaves Tonyan, Sternberger, and PS guys Baylis and Wolf. None of these four players is a Combo TE.

Sadly, there really isn't a great Combo TE prospect in the draft this year either (2019 was the year for that). So it may fall to looking to FA as a way of addressing this.

But who? I don't want another "aging" veteran, like they've been doing. Someone under 30 yrs old, please!

Hunter Henry? (injury risk)
Nick O'Leary?
Austin Hooper?
Levine Toilolo?
Maxx Williams?
Nick Vannett?

Could any of these players provide what MLF needs at TE to allow him to be as multiple as he desires from the same formations/personnel packages?

It may be possible that RB becomes a target in FA as well. The Packers need another RB they can utilize much on the same way they use Aaron Jones. As much as I like AJ, I think it is reckless to hang a "bell cow" label on him. There needs to be another RB that can spell him during games so they can have two RB's that remain fairly fresh all game/all season. Jamaal Williams is not an AJ, but he has value in other capacities. Dexter Williams is still a major question mark that may never get answered.

They could go draft here, but it may take a pick in the first 3 rounds to get the kind of quality/type player they may be looking for. Would they rather go FA and save that draft capital for another position?

What RB's might make sense (age wise/skill set), if they go the FA route?

Kenyon Drake?
Peyton Barber?
Jalen Richard?
CJ Prosise?
Dwayne Wahington?

Who's the best fit to run side by side with AJ, and also give the Packers some "cover" when Jones hits UFA in 2021?

I get the feeling we will see WR, OL (T/G), ILB, QB become the most talked about early draft priorities as they move into the off season in 2020. It will be interesting to see how this will all develop.