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Author Topic: Packers wanted to trade for Le'Veon Bell per Schefter  (Read 156 times)

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Packers wanted to trade for Le'Veon Bell per Schefter
« on: November 03, 2019, 11:10:39 AM »
Read about this on Thursday, but considered it so absurd I didn't bother sharing the info. Especially since the only source was Bell himself. Now, it's been confirmed by Adam Schefter: the Packers were one of four teams making inquiries about trading for Bell. This is baffling. Why? He's been terrible this year (but so have the Jets), and he doesn't seem like a great teammate, and would cost a lot of money. Maybe the team was just doing "due diligence", but if I were Aaron Jones, I'd be a bit upset at this news. OK, I'd be royally P.O.'ed.
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Re: Packers wanted to trade for Le'Veon Bell per Schefter
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2019, 12:33:01 PM »
From what I read Bell is getting peanuts the rest of this year (1.8 mil) with 13 mill coming next year.  Not sure if that is guaranteed or not, so it was worth exploring.  I talked about this last week with a buddy. Imagine Bell and Jones together in the passing game. Pick your poison out of the backfield.  Credit Gute for exploring this.  If they could cut him after the season it would have been a great move.  Im not sure if they would have had to pay him next year too in order to make the trade? Good on Gute for looking at this.
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