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Author Topic: Manc;'s Marvelous Mock #1  (Read 371 times)

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Manc;'s Marvelous Mock #1
« on: February 25, 2020, 05:35:06 PM »
You can’t do a meaningful mock before free agency so I will list my assumptions before I get into specific players.

They will get a run stuffing D lineman in free agency and add an inside LB as part of the remaking of the position.  Neither will be high priced players
The top receivers and tight ends are too pricey for the Packers.
The key then is what will happen to Bulaga so I have done two mocks based what happens with him.

Bulaga  returns

#1 Trade to the middle of the 2nd round and pick up a mid 3rd in the process. 
#2a Denzel Mims- Big fast and likes to run block- What’s not to like?
#2b Akeem Davis Gaither  LB- gives them a versatile, athletic player Pettine can move around
#3a OJ Howard in a trade with Tampa- Interesting piece of information unturned by Ryan Wood- The Packers had more big plays out of their 2 tight end package than any other formation
#3b   Ezra Cleveland  OT Boise St- Heir apparent to Bulaga
#4  AJ Green Corner Oklahoma St- Can never have enough corners
#5 Justin Herron OG Gives them flexibility in 2021 He can step in a LG allowing Jenkins to move to center.  Or he can go to RG allowing them to move on from an overpriced Turner
#6   Antonio Gibson- played all over but will be asked to focus on running back. Will likely throw in some late rounders to move into the 5th.
All of the rest- take high upside players- any position

Bulaga moves on

#1 Austin Jackson- OT USC-look for him to start sometime in 2020
#2   Mims- wr  Baylor should excel at combine- hopefully he will be here
#3   Logan Wilson  ILB Boise St- Started out as a corner which helps in pass coverage
 4 ….. See above