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Another mock
« on: March 22, 2020, 06:58:27 AM »
Still like my first mock, but overcome with boredom did a fanspeak and a draft network mock.  In fanspeak, I had more confidence in our current wide receivers and went heavy on defense and offensive line which I believe are our biggest needs.

 K. Murray, ILB, OK.
 R. Blacklock, IDL, TCU
 T. Phillips, G, Miss. St.
 M. Peart, OT, UConn
 P. Taylor, RB, Memphis
 J. Reed, WR, Va.
 A. Mack, WR, OSU
 M. Ojemuda, CB, IA.
  J. Hansen, C, Ore.
 B. Victor, OSU

I think the above addresses are the most pressing needs in the first four picks.  I went heavy on the WRs hoping to hit on one for the future without missing on what we need now

Draft Network played out differently although immediate needs were met.

 J. Jefferson, WR, LSU
 M. Harrison, LB, OSU
 I. Wilson, OT, GA.
 J. Stenburg, G, KY.
 R. Williams, IDL, MI.
 J. Reed, WR, VA.
 P. Taylor, RB, Memphis
 J. Magnifico, TE, Memphis (just dig the name)
 A. Mack, WR, OSU
 C. Throckmorton, OT, ORE

That was fun, back to boredom...